Analyzing the traditions that have survived the passage of time, transmitted from generation to generation and the ways to make and the craft materials, have been the printing world and traditional stationery, places where we found our inspiration for this project, one of the raw materials in these classic workshops: paper, and specifically the brown paper (kraft paper) with multiple uses.

We present our proposal for a small collection of simple clothes, practical and comfortable for children, based on the concept of the shapes and lines of this multifaceted role.

The pattern of main fabric of these proposal simulates the texture of kraft paper and has been achieved from digital printing on a textile easily folded, looking to emphasize the added value of this proposal: clothes that do not necessarily require ironing.

Garments designed for moms and dads whom take their time nibbling their little cheeks and don't want to lost time ironing the clothes.
Wash, hang up and ... .¡Play!


- National Award for Children's Fashion Contest XV Creació Jove - Valencia Crea 2014
- Selected to FIMI (International Children's Fashion Fair) in the 4th Edition of the category Nuditos (design students) in Valencia, Spain.

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